"My students are loving their shirts! They all have great things to say about the quality and comfort and how soft they are. I'm loving mine too and want to order more."

- Heather
Heather Till Yoga

"It's great being able to offer multiple Apparel styles and designs to our congregation without Inventorying any of it.  All we did was provide the logo & MerchyMe took care of us!"

- Kevin
White Oak Christian Church

"We needed a good online solution for our school's spirit shop.  Merchyme set it up for free and the school is making $10+ per item we sell!  it's definitely a win win."

- Terri
Community Montessori School

"the apparel is top of the line. My clients always receive their items quickly and love the quality and feel of the clothes. We are so happy to be working with Merchyme."

- Jessica
The Hot YOGA spot