Q: How exactly does this work?

A: At no cost to you, we create an online shopping collection with your branded apparel. You will share your link with your community via social media, newsletters, etc…  When purchases are made, we will print and ship each item to the individuals.  We pay you a portion of the sales on a monthly basis!

Q: I’m interested, How do I get started?

A:  The first step is to fill out this sign up form here.  From there we will build your merch shop and send you a link to share so your community can purchase your branded merch online.

Q: What type of art file do you need?

A: Vector files are preferred (.ai / .eps - please outline all fonts).  Second best are high resolution .png images with transparent backgrounds.  Third best are high resolutions .jpg files.

Q: How do I know what sells / can I see who bought my products?

A: We can set it up so you get a daily email report to show you how many sales you received that day. If you did not receive any sales that day, you will not receive an email.

Q: Do you offer any other styles or colors?

A: Because we print on demand we have to limit our options a little bit.  We try to stick to what our best sellers have been over the years.  We do keep track of requests so please feel free to request a new style/color.  We determine our new releases based on the most frequents requests.

Q: How much does my organization receive per item sold?

This varies depending on what you want the product sale prices to be listed at.  If you choose to use out suggested prices, you will make on average of 30% per item sold.  Please see the Earnings page for more details.

Q: What brands are you using to print on?

We use a combination of District, Port & Co, Tultex, Allmade (premium recycled tri-blend tee) and Alternative Apparel.  If a style is currently out of stock, we may need to use a different brand but the quality and color will be comparable.

Q: What about returns/exchanges? How does that work if someone is unhappy with their purchase?

We offer exchanges only. We handle all exchanges so you won't need to worry about it.  In the event there is an exchange, we deduct the earnings from your payout to cover the cost of printing a new item.  If the payout already occurred for that month, we deduct it from the next one.  You won't ever owe us anything and we work with the customer directly to make sure they get the proper item/size.

Q:  Are we able to order directly from you in bulk?  If so, would the pricing change at all for those orders? Is there an order minimum?

Absolutely.  We can handle bulk orders separately so you won't pay retail prices.  Please see our Get started page to get started with an order.

Q: Are you able to send samples?

A: We’re happy to send out samples at the cost + shipping.  We invoice separately when samples are ready to ship.  If you wish to order more than 24 of the same item/design, please fill out our bulk ordering form here.